Learning team

Photo of Aniela smiling

Aniela Kaczmarczyk

Head of Learning

Aniela heads up the Learning Team, building the programme of training that we offer to the Online Centres Network, as well as other partners. She leads the learning team as they design content, create partnerships and deliver face-to-face courses, online learning and webinars that learners, the network and other partners use to develop themselves and their staff and volunteers.

Kevin Maye

Learning and Development Manager

Kevin enjoys talking to our network about what they need and how our learning products could be better. He works with the rest of the team to build the latest learning theories into those products.

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Laura Faulkner

Curriculum Development Manager

Laura reviews and grows our learning offer to keep it up to date, relevant for learners and ensure it is accessible to our users. Laura particularly focuses on the learning journey users take and designs assessment materials that reward and encourage learners to progress. Alongside this, her role also includes the creation of materials that support our tutors in their day to day work in our communities.

A profile photo of Matthew smiling

Matthew Airey

Learning Designer

Matthew designs and develops learning resources, helping people to understand and learn as easily as possible. Matthew analyses learners' requirements so they get the best out of a resource, but his specialty really is developing online resources, courses, system simulations, and videos.

Profile photo of Michael

Michael Skeldon

Learning designer

Michael manages the development of the courses on the Learn My Way website and supports people in the Online Centres Network with a wide range of learning resources. He’s worked as a tutor so knows some of the challenges they face, and uses this experience to help us develop our learning offer.