Design team

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Éilis Kinsella

Service Design Intern

Éilis works within the Service Design team to ensure that the users are always involved in our projects, using research and co-design to make our services as easy to access as possible. Éilis loves to spend time with the people who will use the service or products and truly understand what they see through their eyes.

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Emily Redmond

Head of Service Design

Emily leads on our specialist research projects, relishing the opportunity to chat to people in the Online Centres Network to learn more about the digital and social barriers they face. She shares her findings through reports, blogs and social media, and works closely with our Communications team to develop our specialist handbooks and our Specialist Network resources.

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Emma Stone

Director of Design, Research and Comms

Emma leads our Design, Research and Comms teams - three teams which blend service design & innovation with research, evaluation and thought leadership at Good Things Foundation

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Lucy Price

Senior Service Designer

One of the things Lucy likes most about working in service design is helping people to understand the question or problem they are trying to answer - quite often that can be quite different from what they think it is! So it often means stepping back and looking at the broader picture before narrowing in and focusing on helping people to find workable solutions for their situation.