Understanding the motivations of non-users of the internet

Published: 19th Nov 2018

Research aim

Since August 2018, Good Things Foundation, Professor Simeon Yates (University of Liverpool) and BT have been working in partnership to conduct research into the reasons why people do not engage with the internet. 

The primary purpose is: 
To better understand the specific reasons people in the UK give for being offline, in greater depth and granularity than currently available research.

Research questions

To achieve this aim, the research has focused on answering the following key research questions:

What are the specific reasons people have for not engaging with the internet, below the level of ‘motivation’ or ‘trust’?

How do these specific reasons vary by demographic (eg. unemployment, low skills, age), and which reasons are most important for different groups?

To what extent are the reasons people give for being offline ‘masking’ other/deeper reasons or issues, including the role of proxy users? 

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