English My Way Libraries Pilot: Summary of centre participation

Published: 25th May 2017

To test the feasibility of using English My Way in a library setting, Good Things Foundation led a research pilot between January and March 2017, with five libraries in areas of highest ESOL need. The resulting Community ESOL in Libraries Handbook outlines common challenges, and provides tips and resources for delivering pre-entry ESOL in libraries.

As part of the research pilot, the participating libraries received access to the following:

• Training webinars with Online Centres successfully delivering English My Way.

• Good Things Foundation’s Community ESOL Handbook and Phase 2 Key Findings Report to introduce them to the programme, and Learning Circles packs (an English My Way supporting resource developed by BBC Learning English) to use to support learners.

• A day’s training from an ESOL consultant.

Each library also took part in a telephone interview with a Good Thing’s Foundation researcher, and wrote a short report about delivery of the pilot in their library.

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