Voicebox Cafés took place during 2018, supporting excluded women to understand, celebrate and participate in democracy and public life.

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From June 2018 to Dec 2018 Voicebox Cafés took place in 36 Online Centres, celebrating 100 years of some women getting the right to vote. Using session plans and resources, Voicebox Cafés provided a supportive and informal place where women built their own and each other’s confidence in speaking out on issues that matter to them, discovering how to use their democratic voice to the full.

In the centenary year of some women getting the right to vote, we all still have a part to play in creating a society where women’s voices are heard. Voicebox Cafés did just that.

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Want to get involved? Voicebox Cafés resources are free for everyone to use to run cafés in their community.

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Taking action

As part of the Voicebox Cafés project, participants were asked to create a video of the work they're doing. Three videos were selected as finalists, with a winner democratically voted for by the Good Things team - Skills Enterprise. You can watch all of the videos below.

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The Voicebox Cafés programme was funded by the Government Equalities Office through the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme