Mobile Broadband Pilot

In 2014 Good Things Foundation launched a partnership with Vodafone UK, piloting a programme designed to build wider understanding and confidence in mobile internet among internet learners.

Working within the UK online centres network, Good Things Foundation created a number of ‘Smartphone specialist’ centres where people can get hands-on experience of smartphones, tablets and MiFi (portable wifi hotspots) to ‘try before they buy’.

A handful of centres in the pilot also have the capacity to lend smartphones and tablets to learners, helping them to determine a personal preference for connecting to the internet at home.

The scheme is supported by a printed guide to help beginners get started with smartphones, as well as a new Vodafone-sponsored Smart Internet course on the Learn My Way learning platform, which has seen wide usage since its launch.

Evaluation and findings of the mobile broadband pilot were published in March 2015. Read the full evaluation report here