HMRC: Advice and Guidance

From April 2019 - March 2020 Good Things Foundation is delivering the Advice and Guidance programme through the Online Centres Network. Funded by HMRC, our network delivery partners are upskilling learners to independently use HMRC's digital services while offering support in understanding and completing interactions, including: 

  • Working Tax Credit,
  • Child Tax Credit,
  • Tax (PAYE),
  • VAT, 
  • National Insurance.

This is the fifth year of support in centres for HMRC services, following a one year pilot beginning in April 2015 which saw 22 Online Centres support 4,344 people.

Overall since April 2015, we have now supported 34,269 individuals with advice and guidance, and in 2019-20 the project will aim to reach a further 7,700 people.

North Manchester Communities Partnerships is just one of the centres participating in this project. Tutor John Curtin, has helped many learners like Vasilikey, Khalissa and Bushra over the years to turn their situation around and become more positive and proactive in their interactions with government services.

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