HMRC: Advice and Guidance

From April 2015 - March 2016 Good Things Foundation led the Work IT Out pilot programme, funded by HMRC. This successful pilot led to the three-year HMRC Advice project, to be managed by Good Things Foundation and delivered in communities by the Online Centres Network.

The pilot saw 22 Online Centres support 4,344 people to use HMRC services, including Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Tax (PAYE), VAT and National Insurance.

The extended programme will aim to support a further 28,520 people between April 2016 and March 2019. This additional commitment from HMRC will dramatically extend the area of the country reached by our network delivery partners, as they upskill learners to independently use HMRC's digital services. Groups supported through the HMRC Advice project include:

  • BME and ESOL learners
  • Learners with disabilities
  • Rural communities
  • Sole-traders, micro-businesses or SMEs.

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