HMCTS - Face-to-face Assisted Digital Support

Good Things Foundation is working with HMCTS to provide face-to-face Assisted Digital support for people who would otherwise be excluded from accessing these services.

Through the Online Centres Network, we are designing, testing, delivering and evaluating a face-to-face Assisted Digital service for new HMCTS online services.

Online Centres will support people through face-to-face assisted digital support as they use online HMCTS services, including:

  • Civil Money Claims
  • Divorce
  • Probate
  • Social Security and Child Support
  • Single Justice System (eg. TfL fines)
  • Help With Fees

By the end of the project we aim to have fully tested the Assisted Digital service, its impact and cost effectiveness, enabling HMCTS to make decisions about further delivery and scaling within the courts and tribunals model of the future.