Future Proof: Skills for Work

Good Things Foundation is partnering with Accenture and Nesta to deliver the Future Proof: Skills for Work programme.

The new programme will be designed to build work-related skills for unemployed or underemployed people, helping them achieve positive employability outcomes.

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The programme will be delivered through 13 Online Centres that specialise in employability support and will engage and support 1,400 people to re-skill and be ready for future jobs, as digital technology continues to change our jobs and workplace.

54% of the working-age population are without the digital skills essential for the modern workplace and the rapid speed of digital change in the workplace has meant that a digital skills gap has emerged. The Future Proof: Skills for Work programme focuses on the behaviour of learners, and how the learning of digital skills can be sustained to close the digital skills gap.

Six digital skills areas have been identified to target: Technical (online and offline), Communication, Information, Creative, Transaction and Safety. 

Eight behaviours have been proposed that we believe are crucial in the successful learning and sustaining of digital skills: Habit, Grit, Resilience, Relatedness, Self-efficacy, Motivation, Goal setting and Trust.

Why is the Future Proof: Skills for Work programme important?

54% of working-age adults lack the essential digital skills to operate effectively in these roles


people in the UK are currently employed in occupations that are likely to disappear or change radically by 2030

33% of job vacancies of all skill-shortage vacancies are due to people lacking right digital skills

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Good Things Foundation is to partner with Accenture and Nesta to deliver the Future Proof: Skills for Work programme.