Digital Housing Hub

With over 2,300 members the Digital Housing Hub is the central online place for social housing providers to meet to help their residents embrace the web.

Back in 2012, Good Things Foundation noticed that housing associations, local councils, and many others were all trying to deal with similar issues around digital inclusion for their tenants. The Digital Housing Hub was set up to provide an easy-access forum for the exchange of ideas, recommendations, advice and best practice.

There are many areas in which the knowledge and resources of Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network can contribute to the work that social housing providers are tackling - the Digital Housing Hub builds on that to incorporate shared experience which allows housing associations to help each other build workable solutions to common problems.

"An online space like this is just what is needed to further coordinate, propagate and streamline the great work already being done to increase the digital ability of social housing tenants and providers."
Ben Carpenter, Member, Digital Housing Hub


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