Community How to

Community How To was a website that brought together top digital tools for community organisations under one roof, alongside case study recommendations by the community workers already putting them to good use.

The idea was to help people working in communities to find the tools that can help them do more of what they do best - grouping them under common community activities like managing projects and events, recruiting volunteers, communicating with different audiences and measuring or evaluating impact. By registering on the site, visitors could also add their own tools and case studies, rate tools, leave comments and join discussions with community peers.

The website was launched in November 2012 and had more than 10,000 users in the first six months of its life. It was originally an output of a wider programme funded by Nominet Trust, based on the very simple observation that third sector organisations are still lagging behind in the adoption of new technologies and tools.

In August 2017, Community How To closed its doors, with the most popular content set to move across to the Online Centres Network website, so community organisations can still search for and benefit from all the digital tools that the online world has to offer.