About the network

The National Digital Inclusion Network is made up of thousands of hyperlocal organisations who transform lives through digital every day.

Good Things Foundation coordinates the National Digital Inclusion Network (formerly known as the Online Centres Network). We join the dots with other organisations, helping people to navigate a complicated world in order to become happier, healthier and better off.

The network is made up of community centres, public libraries and social enterprises, but equally can be found in village halls, places of worship, cafes, social housing, retirement homes, on mobile buses, in pubs, clubs and bingo halls. One centre in Stockport is based in a fish and chip shop!

Known in their local community, centres establish relationships based on trust which enable them to engage those who would not normally engage with public services. A friendly face, a hot drink and non-judgemental support are available when you walk through the door at any digital inclusion hub.

Hubs provide a wide range of services and support spanning topics like employment, health and wellbeing, homelessness, refugee integration, and ESOL. Some have other specific functions, such as hosting a youth club or running a food bank.

Together we create a large-scale platform for social change, working directly with the people who benefit the most.


How to join

As part of our mission to ensure that everyone can benefit from digital, we're looking for organisations who want to join our movement to drive social change by helping people to improve their skills and confidence so they can thrive in a digital world.

If you can provide a welcoming space for your community members, a supportive learning experience and/or access to the internet for your learners - we would love you to join us!


Stories from the network

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    07/09/2023 · Our stories

    The National Device Bank: Changing lives one device at a time

    The National Device Bank is up and running and we're already seeing the social impact.

  • Refurbished device and data keeps Samuel connected

    30/06/2023 · Our stories

    Refurbished device and data keeps Samuel connected

    Access to free devices, data, and digital skills learning has helped Samuel get connected and become a volunteer at Skills Enterprise.

  • ‘More than just digital support, a true community’

    05/06/2023 · Our stories

    ‘More than just digital support, a true community’

    Through volunteering at People Know How, Callum found a way to merge his love for customer service, digital technology and helping those in need through community support.