Digital Life: Kenya

In July 2017, Good Things Foundation launched Digital Life: Kenya, a 12 month pilot project in partnership with the Kenya National Library Service (knls).

The pilot is testing the effectiveness of elements of the Good Things Foundation’s digital inclusion programme, working through libraries to explore how the internet can help alleviate the economic and social challenges people in Kenya face.

This short report, produced in November 2017, provides an update on how the project is progressing.


Good Things Foundation is working closely with 10 pilot libraries, providing free online learning platform Learn My Way Kenya, Digital Champion training and webinar support. A further 53 libraries are taking part with access to Learn My Way Kenya, online learning guides and additional support. 

As of November 2017, over 200 people had registered on Learn My Way Kenya, including 20 learners registered at non-pilot libraries.

"Young people didn’t come to the library much before we had computers. The community will change. The children will take the excitement back home." LIBRARIAN, KINYAMBU LIBRARY

Kinyambu Library

At Kinyambu library, over 50 library customers have registered on Learn My Way, many of whom have already completed the courses and received their certificates.

The library now runs a Community Digital Club on Saturdays where they support customers to use Learn My Way. Courses are proving very popular and the librarians have asked for more courses to be provided on Learn My Way. There have already been some success stories with two library customers getting jobs after completing Learn My Way.

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“We want to equip library staff with the digital skills to pass on - to empower and transform the lives of others and change their livelihoods” knls librarian

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