Voicebox Cafés awarded at Festival of Learning

02 Jul 2019

We’re so proud that Voicebox Cafés has received a special mention at the Festival of Learning Awards this year.

It’s fantastic to see the achievements of Online Centres up and down the country being recognised to encourage and empower women to learn more about UK democracy and how to get involved.

During 2018 Voicebox Cafés were funded by the Government Equalities Office and supported 1,283 women to understand and celebrate the history of the women’s vote in the United Kingdom. Through this project these women also learnt how they could participate in democracy and public life. By the end of the project, we had women who registered to vote for the first time, some started local campaigns and some even stood as candidates in local elections.

These videos made by participants and centres show just what kind of impact the project had.

“People who never felt like they were able to vote, or make a decision relating to how decisions are made at a local and national level - realising that they had a voice and that it mattered that it was heard, was inspiring.” (Facilitator, Everyday English)

Find out more about Voicebox Cafés and the Festival of Learning.

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