Universal Jobmatch is going but we’ve got your back

06 Jun 2018

Universal Jobmatch is no more. The government job search service - which jobseeker’s allowance or Universal Credit claimants have to use to search for work and demonstrate their searching - is being retired on Sunday 17 June. However, we're working on resources to make sure your learners can access new tools with confidence.

Replacing Universal Jobmatch is Find a job, a brand new site and service which has already been launched.

We’re big fans of Find a job. It’s a much more user-friendly site, with a streamlined registration and login process (that doesn’t require a Government Gateway account). It’s much more inline with commercial job search sites such as Monster or Indeed.

It’s so simple, in fact, that we’re not replacing our Universal Credit: a how to guide on Learn My Way with a similar resource for Find a job.

Instead, we’re updating our existing Job hunting online course. Find a job is so similar to other popular job search sites that we think this is the best way to make sure your learners have consistent, concise and interactive resources to support their learning and their search for work.

We’re replacing the examples and activities in Job hunting online with ones that reflect Find a job, so new learners can learn about searching and applying for jobs online and familiarise themselves with the government site they’re most likely to use.

And because Find a job is so similar to other sites, we believe this learning with help them to use those as well. The updated version of Job hunting online will be launched next week, before the retirement of Universal Jobmatch.

In the meantime, we recommend making sure all your learners and clients move any CVs or covering letters they have saved to Universal Jobmatch over to Find a job, so as not to risk losing these important documents.