Our response to the new essential digital skills qualifications

25 Apr 2019

In response to the Government’s launch of new essential digital skills qualifications, Helen Milner OBE, Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation - a social change charity, helping people to improve their lives through digital, has welcomed the announcement, saying:

“Good Things Foundation knows from our work with 5,000 Online Centres across the UK that digital skills are vital to help people participate in society and improve their lives. That is why we welcome the Government’s plans to boost digital skills for adults.


"We strongly support the new national entitlement from 2020, putting digital skills on the same footing as English and Maths, and the new qualifications announced by the Government will be important in ensuring essential digital skills are relevant and up to date.

"These plans are a positive step towards ending digital exclusion in the UK. We are calling on organisations across Government, the private sector and civil society to set a bold ambition and agree on a goal of a 100% digitally-included nation by 2028, where no one is disadvantaged by a lack of digital skills.

“Digital exclusion in the UK is holding back economic growth and stalling social inclusion. Adults with no or low digital skills are more likely to also face unemployment, poverty and social isolation; and giving every adult essential digital skills would create £21.9 billion for the economy. So it is essential that digital transformation is inclusive.

“Through our work with the Department for Education delivering the ‘Future Digital Inclusion’ programme through the national Online Centres Network, Good Things Foundation has helped over 1 million adults to gain basic digital skills. We look forward to continuing to help adults facing digital and social exclusion gain essential digital skills and benefit from the new qualifications.”