New partnership with regional NHS partners to deliver 'Test Bed' innovations

22 Jan 2016

We are delighted to announce that we will be working in partnership to deliver two first-wave NHS ‘Test Beds’ in conjunction with local NHS partners in Sheffield and Lancashire and Cumbria.

The Test Beds are a new collaboration between the NHS and wide range of local, national and international innovators to harness technology to address some of the most complex issues facing patients and the health service. The successful innovations will then be available for other parts of the country to adopt and adapt to the particular needs of their local populations, delivering wider financial benefits to the NHS and the UK economy.

Other innovators involved in the project include Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences), IBM and Philips.

The two ‘Test Beds’ Good Things Foundation are involved in are as follows:

  • Perfect Patient Pathway Test Bed: As the name suggests, the aim is to create the ‘perfect patient pathway’ in order to bring substantial benefits for patients in the Sheffield City region who suffer from long-term health conditions, such as diabetes, respiratory disease and mental health problems. New technology coupled with new ways of delivering care will be used to keep patients with these conditions well at home, often avoiding the need for hospital admission or further support. A range of home-based monitoring devices and smartphone apps will mean patients can be supported to understand their condition and how they can manage it at home. Data received from these devices will then be collated and interpreted in an integrated intelligence centre to assess individual patient wellbeing and anticipate changing demands and patterns of care requirements in long term conditions both at patient and at a regional level, enabling a timely and effective response.
  • Lancashire and Cumbria Innovation Alliance (LCIA) Test Bed: This project will see the NHS, including two New Care Model Vanguard sites, partner with Philips, ourselves and a number of other SMEs and social enterprises to support frail elderly people and people with long term conditions to remain well outside of hospital and avoid unnecessary admissions. They will test new approaches to identifying patients that can benefit from additional support and help them to self-care at home through improved education and telehealth technologies.

Sir Andrew Cash, Chief Executive of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The Perfect Patient Pathway test bed is a fantastic way of bringing together the region’s health and social care providers with a number of technology and research organisations. By utilising this expertise we will be able to share data and plan, in partnership with patients, the best way to deliver care to people with long term conditions based on their needs using the latest technology to support this.”

Adam Micklethwaite, Good Things Foundation’s Director of Business and Innovation, said: "We're delighted to be part of two of the seven NHS Test Beds across the UK. The Test Beds programme will be taking the NHS into the future, and building on the success of our Widening Digital Participation programme for NHS England. We're looking forward to contributing to this exciting work at the cutting edge of healthcare research and reform, where digital confidence and fluency will play an essential role."