Good Things Happen podcast Ep 2 - A world where everyone benefits from digital

24 Jul 2019

Episode 2

In the latest episode of Good Things Happen, our host Charlotte Self is joined Jess Wilson, National Director of Good Things Australia and Emily Redmond, Senior Service Designer at Good Things UK.

In this episode, the panel discuss digital inclusion in Australia and Kenya, answering the following questions -

  • What barriers people are facing to get online in Australia and Kenya?
  • What is being done to help people overcome these barriers?
  • What are the similarities to the UK?
  • What does the future hold for digital inclusion in Australia and Kenya?

Good Things Happen is a monthly podcast brought to you by the social change charity Good Things Foundation. Each month we tell stories of socially excluded people improving their lives through digital. We speak to people working in grassroots communities about their experiences and highlight how digital technology and community action can help people overcome social challenges.

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