Good Things Foundation Becomes a Charity

15 Mar 2016

Following approval from the Charity Commission, Good Things Foundation has officially become a charity, while still retaining the staff-owned mutual principles which have always defined us as an organisation.

While the aims of Good Things Foundation remain the same - supporting digitally and socially excluded people to improve their lives - becoming a charity means a greater opportunity to increase the impact of the work that we do.

Chief Executive, Helen Milner OBE explains “Our charity status enables us to be much more influential as a catalyst for social change through digital. We’ve always worked collaboratively with the public, private and third sectors to address social challenges through digital technology - this will allow us to expand our reach.”

It is an unusual move for an organisation to become a charity and retain its mutual structure, but one which is intrinsic to the ethos of Good Things Foundation. As a staff-led mutual, employees have always been deeply threaded into the governance of the organisation, with staff Trustees sitting on the Board and all members voting on issues at AGMs.

Ben Brown, Head of Projects, and a staff Trustee said: “Working at the Good Things Foundation coal face and sitting on the Board is a great privilege as I feel I’m an embodiment of our organisation’s ethos to involve, participate and collaborate. We’ve always been very inclusive, but the opportunity to sit at Board level and contribute to our strategic direction with Lord Knight and the other Trustees on an equal footing is great. I’m really looking forward to discovering how we can maximise the opportunities that our charitable status brings.”

This innovative move is set to pave the way for similar organisations with progressive employee participation arrangements, who wish to demonstrate that the individuals of their organisation are dedicated to a charitable mission.

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