Coronavirus: supporting our partners and those most in need

19 Mar 2020

With the spread of the Coronavirus around the UK and much of the world, we are facing challenging times ahead. Our priorities as a national charity are to support our network of community partners, and to help them, where possible, to continue to support vulnerable people access the internet and gain digital skills.

For those who are digitally and socially excluded, this is a worrying time as they cannot access critical online services like finding up-to-date and accurate information, accessing health advice and services, and buying essentials online. We are working hard with our national and local funding partners so we can support our community network to continue its vital work, and to ensure digitally excluded people are supported.

Alongside this, our online learning platform Learn My Way continues to be available, providing a safe and easy to access route for people to build up the essential digital skills they need.

If you are part of the Online Centres Network and want to talk about how we can support you, please get in touch at or by calling 0114 349 1666, or through our social media channels - Facebook and Twitter. You can also fill in our survey to tell us more. This situation is changing rapidly, and we want to be able to work together with you to provide the support you need - and to understand what you’re doing to support your communities.

All of our staff are now working remotely and are continuing to deliver our existing services. You can still get hold of the Good Things Foundation team on the usual channels. Please do get in touch if you have any ideas of how we can work together during these difficult times.

Helen Milner
Chief Executive
Good Things Foundation

Using the internet to get ready for coronavirus

Lots of people have heard about coronavirus on the news and the impact it is having around the world.

Good Things Foundation has created a suite of resources to guide people through getting reliable health advice and how video calling their GP can help prevent the virus from spreading.

Download learning resource