Community Challenge Prize Winners

Go-Woman! Alliance CIC

Go-Woman! Alliance CIC regularly get individuals coming to their Information, Advice & Guidance sessions with letters outlining that they have been fined due to ticking an incorrect box on a dental or medical prescription form.

They plan to raise awareness amongst the most vulnerable, particularly older people from immigrant communities and those that are already financially struggling. They will run workshops about their entitlement to medical and dental services and be provide bilingual support where needed.

The Community Challenge Prize has…"Through the development of this idea, as an organisation we have been able to collate information from this group and embed the dissemination of information through our existing programmes. This work has made us stronger in terms of our offering to the community we serve."


High Wycombe Library

High Wycombe Library has identified that many individuals in their community don't have the digital skills to find transport information online. This means that these individuals aren’t able to choose the most economical fares and routes to save money. 

As part of the Community Challenge Prize an initial session at High Wycombe Library was held where access to bus travel information online was promoted. A day event during Get Online Week is now being planned where local transport providers will be invited to demonstrate their travel websites and apps that will help local residents with their travel plans.

The Community Challenge Prize has…"Made us realise just how many people can benefit from knowing where to access transport information, even those who use digital devices are unaware of all the information that is available to help them make the most economical and suitable travel plans."

Kensington Vision CIC

The £1 a day bike idea will allow people from Kensington, a disadvantaged area in Liverpool access cheap transport, and be the owner of a brand new bike without finding the money up front or borrowing the money from sources with high-interest rates. Participants will be required to join the credit union and begin the process of saving in their community.

The idea has been developed directly from requests from customers in the cycle project after frustrations about the lifespan of buying cheap bikes.

The Community Challenge Prize has…"We now realise that this basic idea is transferable, so that the credit union could offer specific loans supplied through local businesses, so the businesses get an extra income, the credit union gets more members and the borrower gets a good deal and supports their local area."

Wai Yin Society

Wai Yin have created a board game that aims to help their local community make better decisions about their finances.

The board game was developed after working users and observing the financial challenges and dilemmas the local community face on a daily basis. The game has been created for users to have a fun experience and to ease the pressure when making these important decisions in life.

The Community Challenge Prize has…"Made us think about how we can help our communities through more subtle ways such as embedding knowledge through games and other means. We can see that people acquire skills in a variety of ways that may not seem obvious, they may feel uncomfortable going to classrooms to be taught, so spending time developing new approaches to learning has been rewarding."

Learn for Life Enterprise

Being a single mother is very challenging, Learn for Life has developed an idea for a mobile crèche facility on a double-decker bus for those that cannot access affordable childcare.

This will give them the opportunity to improve their lives by studying, being able to attend appointments and interviews. They will be less isolated, have support around them and be able to meet new friends, which will improve their general health and mental wellbeing. They will be able to feel confident, knowing their child is in a safe place, and that they can both improve their future prospects.

The Community Challenge Prize has…"We decided the mobile crèche would be utilised and most suited for helping those in real need, such as people seeking asylum, who cannot access childcare in the city, due to their individual circumstances."

Empowering Education

The Empowering Education Centre’s core mission is to encourage more women to go online so that they can learn how to save money in their day-to-day life. After speaking to different people in the community they realised that a lot of people were paying people to fill out basic application forms on their behalf online.

They would like to break down this barrier and run digital skills workshops in local community centres and Mosques, and with the funding from the Community Challenge prize, they will be able to purchase iPads and laptops that will allow them to deliver these digital skills workshops.

Crisis Skylight Birmingham

Crisis Skylight has created a user-friendly travel that will enable individuals to use their money better and to make the most of what the city has to offer.

This guide has been created by working with a core group of ‘experts by experience’ at every step of the way. These ‘experts’ have been involved at every stage, from the beginning, where they helped to shape the idea, right through to the implementation phase.

The Community Challenge Prize has…"Helped to narrow down our thinking when tackling such a significant problem for those on the lowest incomes in our community. It helped us to explore practical ways that we can address the problem."

New Forest District Council Benefits Team

Tin to Table is a cookbook with a difference. It has been designed to accompany food bank parcels and offers tips on how to cook tasty meals using dried, tinned food and basic store cupboard ingredients. As well as bespoke recipes it has advice on household budgeting, recycling, and cutting down on food waste.

The recipe book was developed through food banks in the New Forest working with a food writer and nutritionist. A free copy will be available to local users of the food bank, reaching some of the most vulnerable and in need people in the New Forest.

The Community Challenge Prize has…"Allowed us space to really think through the idea and approach to the project. We started off working with one food bank but ended up working with four, extending the reach and impact of the project. It was clear a cookbook alone would not help people at a crisis point in their lives, but joint working, clear information and advice, effective signposting, and demonstrating achievable practical steps people could take, all this could help to make a difference."

TLC College

TLC College is located in Wolverhampton, many of the local community struggle to meet the rising fuel costs, with fuel poverty rates being the highest in England. It was found that often the most vulnerable and those with the lowest incomes are paying the highest prices for energy.

To reduce this poverty premium TLC College proposes to help the local community by conducting energy-saving awareness sessions, personal assessment of energy efficiencies and offer household switching support.

Bangladesh Youth and Cultural Shomiti

The Bangladesh Youth and Cultural Shomiti want to solve the problem of financial hardship in their community through their idea, their project aims to bring people together that share similar consumer habits that have been identified through group sessions.

They hope the positive impact of their idea will lead to money savings skills and relieve poverty and will bring together members of the communities and enhance their social and digital skills.

The Community Challenge Prize has…"Sparked other ideas on how we can engage in community activities and how to help reduce barriers to cost savings and motivate people to consider upskilling."