Samira uses BT Skills for Tomorrow course to set up a business

08 Feb 2021

Samira has set up a business selling handmade jewellery online using digital skills she gained through BT Skills for Tomorrow. Her new skills have increased her income and confidence, as well as her wellbeing.

Samira, from Bradford was unemployed and had limited digital skills. Whilst she could use her children’s devices to search for basic items online, she struggled with many other aspects of the internet as English is not her first language.

She received support from EASA – Education Advice Service for Adults – who helped her to develop her digital skills through BT Skills for Tomorrow. The advice was tailored to her needs as someone who speaks English as a second language.

BT Skills for Tomorrow taught Samira how to use keywords to find information using search engines and she now regularly checks her email that she has set up on her smart device. She has also been taught how to use her device safely, with awareness of both the dangers and benefits of the internet.

Samira is now exploring the many benefits to being online through her Etsy business. With support from EASA, she accessed digital marketing courses through BT Skills for Tomorrow platform and learnt how to set up and promote her business selling handmade laces.

Saira Neam, Manager at EASA said that “Being online has increased Samira’s income and confidence, as well as her wellbeing. Having an online presence has allowed her to feel less isolated, as she is able to make more friends through her hobbies and crafts.”

Samira is now confident digitally, albeit apprehensive to test her new skills out. EASA have checked in with her since completing the programme, and she has since recommended BT Skills for Tomorrow to her friends and family.

Skills for Tomorrow is a programme from BT, supported by Good Things Foundation. Find out more about the programme.