Sam: booking holidays and ordering his supermarket shop online

15 Nov 2019

Sam Groves, 82 is maintaining his independence by being able to book holidays online and order his supermarket shop without leaving the house - after getting local help to get online.

Sam and his wife Gillian attended IT sessions as part of the Black Country Click Start programme delivered by his housing provider whg, a member of the Online Centres Network. Sam had been given an iPad but needed help to improve his skills and gain digital confidence, so he could be less reliant on his family for help.

Sam says: “The people who did the course were very helpful, they helped me through and told me exactly what I wanted to know. Before I went up the sessions, I would pick up a tablet and think - what do I do with this? “

He is now able to use a computer independently, manage his email account, use comparison sites - he’s even booked a holiday for Gillian and himself online.

Ordering his weekly food shopping online for home delivery was also a major milestone. Sam says: “It’s a lot easier, it helps you a great deal, when you want to order your groceries.”

Sam says: “It just goes to show, anyone can learn new things, even in later life.”