New mum manages her money online - and encourages others to do the same

01 Oct 2016

A new Mum from Kensington in Liverpool is using her new internet skills to make her money go further on maternity leave - and she’s inspiring others to do the same as one of the faces of this year’s national Get Online Week. 

Theresa Ajise, 30, gave birth to son Wilson last earlier this year, but with only her husband’s salary and nappies and baby food to buy, money was always going to be tight. Online, Theresa is able to manage the family’s money closely and make sure they’re prepared for the future. 

She says: “It is so important for us to know exactly what is going in and going out of our bank account, and internet banking means we can keep on top of our money day-to-day. 

“We plan what we are spending on bills, which we set up by direct debit, or do direct money transfers so we’re not waiting for cheques to clear. We also plan what we will save, and what we will spend on things like going out, on transportation and food. And we can use the internet to search for cheaper options.”

Financial Inclusion

Theresa’s online money-management message will appear on posters up and down the UK as part of Get Online Week 17-23 October, which aims to encourage the 12.6m offline Brits to give the internet a go. 

While Theresa wants to stay at home with Wilson while he’s still a baby, she also plans to go back to work when he’s older. That’s what first took her into UK online centre Kensington Community Learning Centre, where she’s learnt some of her new digital skills. 

“I thought I knew something about computers,” says Theresa, “but it turns out there was so much more to learn, and so much out there on the internet I just didn’t know about!

“Before Wilson, I was looking for jobs, but now I understand some of the mistakes I was making in my jobsearch, and how the internet can help to do it the right way. It has enlightened me in general about using the internet, and I love going to the centre because the people are so lovely and welcoming. 

“Now I use the internet everyday - it is so useful. It is especially good in helping to raise Wilson. I always go onto the internet if I want to get some advice, or research the stage of his development. Right now, we are starting to wean and move him onto solid foods. There is lots of advice and recipes online that can help you learn how to introduce this in the right way. 

“I go onto the Babycentre Community group where there are lots of other mothers to chat to, and I can find out about how they have been coping with sleepless nights and how they have started to introduce their babies to solid food. It is very good to have that resource right at your fingertips.

“I would say to anyone else to get along to a UK online centre like Kensington Community Learning Centre. Being online has helped me manage my money, save for the future, and connect to other Mums. It has also helped me get the skills I will need to get a job when it is time to go back to work. Come and join me online this Get Online Week!”