Laura’s new digital skills support her community group through lockdown

09 Feb 2021

Laura has learnt how to help others online with skills she gained through BT Skills for Tomorrow. Her new skills have allowed to stay in touch with her community group via Zoom.

Laura is a youth worker from Belfast. She was able to navigate social media, emails, and online banking. However, she had limited online communication skills and lacked the confidence to use platforms such as Zoom and Skype.

She works with vulnerable adults within an area of Belfast with some of the highest levels of social deprivation, so it was crucial that she received digital skills training in order to keep in touch with her group at the Cliftonville Community Regeneration Forum (CCRF).

Through BT Skills for Tomorrow’s programme, Laura has learnt how to communicate online and stay in touch with members of her community group via Zoom. She has also passed this knowledge onto others, ensuring that no-one was isolated during lockdown.

Later this month, CCRF will launch a Digital Drop-in Centre to help more people to search for jobs, apply for benefits, and access homeschooling online in one of Northern Ireland’s most deprived areas.

Laura, who has been instrumental in setting up this new community hub, said: “Attending the Digital Champion workshops – along with other digital programmes – has helped our organisation look at other ways we can support our community. With a lot of services moving online, we are setting up workshops and a digital drop-in centre supported by our digital champions. The aim is to help people get online and improve their digital skills.”

Laura added that she hopes to create more digital champions within the community and help to improve overall digital confidence. She plans to develop her digital skills even further through courses provided by her local online centre, Graffiti Recruitment, and use this knowledge to help even more people within Belfast.

Skills for Tomorrow is a programme from BT, supported by Good Things Foundation. Find out more about the programme.