James expanding digital horizons with help from his daughter

06 Aug 2020

James O’Dell, 57 from Liverpool is finding his way in the online world thanks to some digital support from his teenage daughter.

James has been visiting Kensington Community Learning Centre CIC, a BT sponsored Online Centre, since 2016. During this time he received support on learning how to use a laptop, but when the UK went into lockdown this was no longer available to him. Because James doesn’t have the internet at home, he was identified as somebody who would benefit from receiving a tablet from the DevicesDotNow campaign.

James tells us, “I have been using my tablet to job search with the help of my daughter, I have never used a tablet before so it was a little different. My daughter has been showing me how to do things on the tablet such as use my Universal Credit account, use my emails and I am now using Facebook with her help.

Debbie Derbyshire, Manager at Kensington Community Learning Centre CIC has also been supporting James with his device. “I received the tablet from Debbie, she has been ringing me to make sure I was ok as we could not attend the centre. Debbie asked me if I had internet at home or a device and when I said no she told me that I could have an internet ready device to use at home”

James is now expanding his horizons with his new device, “If I didn’t have the tablet I really don’t know what I would have done. I am unable to work so the tablet has given me access to the internet and I am learning new things. I have just signed up for Facebook with the help of my daughter and am really enjoying it, seeing as I’ve never used it before.”

“I feel happy that I was given the opportunity to receive the tablet as it will help with my daughter being less bored as she can use it too. I am still going to go back to KCLC as I enjoy the company and it gets me out of the house.”

DevicesDotNow is a joint initiative from FutureDotNow and the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport supported by Good Things Foundation. Find out more about the initiative, including how you can get involved here.