Aisha: staying healthy and inspiring others

04 Jan 2019

Aisha is a volunteer at her local Online Centre Zest for Work, where she teaches her learners - as well as her friends and family - how they can use computers and the internet to manage their health.

As someone who has fatigue syndrome, Aisha has firsthand experience of using the internet to benefit her health. 

Aisha Volunteer

"My condition makes me tired," explains Aisha. "Sometimes I have all this energy and that's why I volunteer, but when I am tired and I can't do anything, the computers really help me because I can connect. I have video calls and I have WhatsApp, so I speak to people or text them. That really is a lifesaver."

Aisha continues: "Sometimes you have a condition and you don't know how to manage it, or you've been to the doctor and you don't have enough information. You can just go on NHS Choices and find out more. I've also tried to do my prescription online which I find very useful." 

Now she’s sharing her knowledge and experience with others to empower them and help them use the online world to their advantage.

Aisha Jones

Aisha first developed her own digital skills at the Zest Centre. She says: "I believe in the next 15 years the whole world will be online so it's important for people to learn now how to operate on the internet. Fortunately, the way Learn My Way is designed made it so simple and straightforward."

She supports others to go through the same learning journey and was instrumental in engaging with women from the local BME community who otherwise wouldn't have accessed the support available: "I work with a lot of women who didn't have the chance to learn computing at school or who didn't go to school at all - I help them connect.

"I really just show them how simple it can be and how the computer doesn't bite!"

Aisha in Upperthorpe

She leads by example too: "I love the internet and I know some people are scared of it but once you know how to keep safe, the internet is the best place to go to find anything and everything.

As well as volunteering as a tutor, Aisha has gone on to complete further learning, including her Maths GCSE.

For Lynsey Golland, Service Manager at the Zest Centre, Aisha is an invaluable member of her team. She says: "We're so proud of Aisha. She's well respected in the community, she speaks other languages and is a valued and committed volunteer of Zest. We couldn't do half of what we do without people like her!"

Get Online Week

Aisha was one of the stars of Get Online Week 2018. See her starring role in one of our campaign videos below.