Visiting the Teamwork Trust

06 Jul 2015 |Written by Adam Micklethwaite

One of the many reasons I joined Good Things Foundation was my fundamental belief in the power of people and technology together to change people's lives. A visit to Teamwork Trust in Corby last week reminded me just how powerful that combination can be.

A bit of background. Teamwork Trust help vulnerable adults across Northamptonshire who have short-term or enduring mental health issues, learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities; and they do this by providing a programme of work-related activity, learning and social activities.

Our visit was hosted by the manager at Corby Teamwork Trust, Vickie and her colleague Caroline. Holly and I arrived to find the learners at Teamwork had cooked a fantastic lunch after finding the recipes online; including vegetarian recipes for Holly. After thanking the brilliant cooks, we saw their progressive work skills facility, where they provide outsourcing services (assembly, re-work, packing and paper handling) for local and national retailers and other employers. The learners all had their specific job in the production line and a specialist set of skills for each piece of equipment, and dedication and pride shone through from everyone.

We spoke to two learners - Campbell and Clair - using Learn My Way in their new IT suite. They were inspiring, loving learning because of the impact on their lives - in their cases by helping prepare for work (Campbell) and by supporting a personal passion for history (Clair). And we finished off with a group photo, with everyone joining in - and telling us about the camping trip they had planned for the following day.

Everything they do at Teamwork is 'by the people, for the people'. They had a wonderful atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding, led by committed people expert in their field. And digital skills were helping them do their inspiring work, day after day.

Do I still believe in the power of people and technology? You bet.

Check out Teamwork Trust’s website here

Teamwork Trust