The Topol Review - Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future

11 Feb 2019 |Written by Roz Davies

Today saw the release of the Topol Review, an independent report on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, which outlines how digital technology may affect the future of healthcare and NHS staff.

Roz Davies, Director of Social Inclusion, said:

"Good Things Foundation is delighted that the Topol Review has included our NHS Widening Digital Health Programme and acknowledged the risk of compounding health inequalities in pushing forward a digitalised health care system without also supporting the 11.3 million people who do not have basic online skills in the UK. As mentioned in the report our blended community support powered by digital model achieves 'scale and reach' supporting with people learning to access health information online for the first time, feel more informed about their health and confident about using online tools to manage their health. We look forward to working with partners at a national and local level to continue to build an inclusive digital health future.'

Find out more about the Widening Digital Participation programme.