Our journey to open data by default

27 May 2015 |Written by Charlotte Murray

At Good Things Foundation we strive to ensure that our delivery and data is open, transparent and digital by default. Our ambition is to have 'open data by default' and to achieve this by December 2015.

We’ve made a good start on this journey working with our partners NHS England for whom we deliver the Widening Digital Participation (WDP) Programme. We’re seeking to engage over 370,000 people and train 240,000 over 3 years to use digital information and services to improve their health. For the last 2 years we have worked with NHS England to ensure we use real-time programme data in an open way to enable transparency, aid analysis of performance (and the sharing / promotion of this) and allow us to review how the programme is being delivered, so we can make continuous improvements.

The practical application of this has been a new ‘visual dashboard’ (see screenshot above) which is an open webpage automated by real-time data from our systems. This provides the guiding data for the live management and analysis of the programme. It’s completely transparent as an open webpage that can be accessed by all, including being streamed onto large screens in NHS England offices!

What’s next? We already use our data internally to shape and drive our strategy and delivery, but we now want to open up that data across all our programmes including those we deliver for our Government partners BIS, HMRC and DCLG, and consider how we can best use this data to make live adjustments to our delivery.

To continue on our journey to open data by default, we also have ambitious plans to open source our data for others to use and mash up with other sources. We’re keen to lead with the question “What happens after the data gets released?”, and working in partnership with others we can ensure data is used in new and meaningful ways - some of which we have not yet imagined.