A letter from Ed Vaizey

20 Jan 2015 |Written by Helen Milner OBE

Back in November, we ran our annual conference - Digital evolution: Leaving nobody behind, which brought together digital inclusion practitioners, stakeholders and thinkers to discuss how we ensure we bring everyone along on the UK’s digital journey. You can read the full conference report here, just in case you missed it.

Those who attended will know that Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture and Digital Economy, was due to speak but was called away on urgent Parliamentary business at the last minute. Undeterred, we set about writing our own open letter to the Minister - live in the conference hall. It turned out to be a great session, with some fantastic insights from the audience, a good deal of honesty, and a large dose of humour, steered by the wonderful Will Perrin (Talk About Local, Good Things Foundation Board Member, and Co-chair for the conference).

You can take a look at our letter to Ed Vaizey, and what’s more, you can also now see Ed Vaizey’s response, which came through from his offices this week.

I’m delighted to have received such a full, frank and detailed letter, addressing each of our points in turn, from affordable broadband to future funding, support for libraries to support for Universal Credit applicants.

It’s particularly heartening to see the Minister’s understanding of digital inclusion issues, and his recognition of the impact and value our collective work is having. Do have a read, and let us know your thoughts on his answers at hello@tinderfoundation.org.

#digievol14 - Will Perrin and delegates write a letter to Ed Vaizey MP