Creating together at the Digital Evolution 2014 conference

21 Nov 2014 |Written by Kevin Maye

Here at Good Things Foundation HQ, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort producing some great online learning materials, but with budgets always being squeezed and just two people in the team working on courses full time we know we can’t do everything.

A while ago, we blogged about working with centres to make more, and better, courses and guides. The Universal Jobmatch guide we created with Claire Suthern from Community Support Plus UK fast became one of our most popular products, making it clear that collaboration is the way forward!

Since then, we’ve worked with centres to create a much needed Universal Credit guide, as well as an update to one of our most important courses, Using Email. Development is still underway on those but they’re looking great - it’s been so useful to get the real experts, who work with learners every day, on board to help us!

This year’s Digital Evolution conference was all about working together to make sure no-one is left out or left behind, so we wanted to give our visitors a taste of what it’s like to get involved.

We’ve had feedback for a while that a guide to looking after your computer would be useful for people when they get their first machine, and we know the people at our conference see those sort of problems every day - we thought that our workshop would be the ideal opportunity for centre staff to help us help them!

Hannah O'Brien, eLearning Officer, explains ‘We gave people a quick run through of how we work and showed them how our brilliant Course Creator tool can help - but as Benjamin Franklin would say, “involve me and I learn”, so we put people to work sharing their very best top tips.’

It’s fair to say that everyone got involved. We ended up recording a great range of ideas - on paper, online, even as videos. In fact we got more than we bargained for!

As Jim Knight said in his introduction to the conference ‘We learn best when we collaborate’. We’ve certainly learned a lot and hope everyone that got involved did too.

Working together on something that’ll be really useful is a great feeling. When the ‘top tips’ guide arrives on Learn My Way, everyone that joined in can say, ‘I made that!’ and know that they’ve worked together to make sure no-one is left behind.

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