Creating a new identity: The launch of Tinder Foundation

02 Aug 2013 |Written by Anna Osbourne

It was almost a year ago when we took the decision to rename Online Centres Foundation. The name was chosen in a bit of a rush when we had to bid to run the UK online centres contract, and as we began to develop our products and services, and to work towards becoming a sustainable organisation, we didn’t feel the name matched our ambitious strategy.

The process was a long one, and it was certainly a learning curve for all of us involved. As a mutual organisation, it was really important for us consult the staff, and make sure they had a clear way to feed into and be part of the process. The meant lots of brainstorming sessions and opportunities for staff to have their say in an open forum - and privately - about what it means to work here.

There were lots of themes that emerged in terms of our values and who we are as an organisation; making things simple, being dynamic and having a can-do attitude. But the one thing that came up again and again was the notion of us sparking something - whether this is by encouraging individuals to improve their skills through the UK online centres network, or by supporting community organisations to do more through Community How To. We really wanted to capture this idea of sparking, and so the name Good Things Foundation was born. As an organisation, we like to think we’re the spark - or the tinder - that sets things alight in communities.

To match the name, we needed a really strong visual identity. We really wanted to capture the idea that we’re all about the individuals - whether it is those who have got online and improved their lives, or community leaders who are able to offer more because they’ve found the digital tools that can help them. This is why you’ll see the fingerprint motif throughout our new website, and on our new logo.

I’m delighted that, since launching the new name and new website for Good Things Foundation, we’ve had such a positive reaction. It’s great to see all the great work capturing our essence over the last year reflected in a fantastic new identity, and I hope the name, and the identity will grow alongside us as we take on new projects, build new products and spark many more ideas.