70:20:Learn My Way

03 Jul 2018 |Written by Kevin Maye

In this blog series, Learning and Development Manager Kevin Maye, takes a look at some learning theories and how we can use them to improve Learn My Way.

If you've been around workplace learning, or learning in general you've probably heard about the 70:20:10 model of learning. If you haven't, it's a learning theory that suggests:

1. People learn most of a task (approx 70%) by doing it

2. They learn some things (about 20%) socially - by talking about it etc.

3. People learn only a small part from training courses or traditional learning (the 10% that's left).

If you want to know more have a look at the Wikipedia entry or read Charles Jennings (he literally wrote the book on 70:20:10).

So Learn My Way - the online learning website developed by Good Things Foundation - on its own is definitely in the 10% category. Even though we have little bits of practice for people, it's not the same as doing. And while there is an audio option available, listening isn't the same as discussing.

Fortunately, a lot of the people that use Learn My Way do it in an Online Centre. Online Centres are great, there's often a volunteer, tutor or peer there to discuss things with. That takes us into the 20 space.

The best Online Centres take that further and get people to try things out. This puts them in the 70 and means there learners have the best chance of getting to grips with things.

So it's all good right?

Well no. Because we don't want a few learners in the best centres to have a great experience. We'd prefer most learners get a really good experience.

Which means we need to try and move Learn My Way from the 10 up towards the 70. Luckily we've got some ideas…

Artificial intelligence is getting better, but it's not really up to discussions yet.

But chatbots like Woebot make a good pretence of conversation. Can we use that approach to move Learn My Way into the 20 space? Watch this space for more about our experiments with chatbots.

To try and get into the 70 we can try suggesting things learners can try for real at the end of Learn My Way topics.

This is something that we need to test with people to see how they react.

Luckily we're already reviewing our health content which gives us a great chance to see how this would work.

That leads on to the killer question, how will we know if it works?

Right now we're guessing what the effects will be but it could be that

  • People develop more confidence
  • People don't come back as often
  • People do fewer courses on Learn My Way and do more things for real

We'll have to wait and see what the effects are and how that affects what we do. But experimenting to make our learning more effective is exciting and challenging.