Volunteer with us

Find out how you can support us and our network of community partners to fix the digital divide.

About us

Good Things Foundation is the UK’s leading digital inclusion charity. Our vision is a world where everyone benefits from digital. We want people to be digitally able, equal and safe, so they can be happier, healthier and better off.

Through our Online Centres Network of hyperlocal partners, we provide vital support to help break down the barriers caused by digital exclusion. 

Our volunteers

We have a team of Community Champion Volunteers who provide us with invaluable support, helping us to fix the digital divide. 

Our Community Champion Volunteers keep in touch with our community partners by promoting grant, training and networking opportunities, as well as collecting insights. Our volunteers are indispensable; they help us understand the environment our partners work in, and help shape the support we offer.

Read Tony's story

Tony, one of our original Community Champions, talked to us about what it's like to be a Community Champion and why he enjoys the role. 


Volunteer for us

This is where we advertise our current volunteer vacancies. If we don’t have any current vacancies you can still get in touch with our Volunteering Manager, Hilary Nugent, at Hilary.nugent@goodthingsfoundation.org to discuss other ways you might be able to help.

Other ways you can support our mission

If you can't commit to volunteering, there are other ways you can help fix the digital divide.


Support someone else to get online

If you don't have the time to be a regular volunteer, why not simply help someone else to get online using our resources. You only need basic digital skills to help someone else. It's all about taking time to get to know the person and finding the right ways to keep them engaged and motivated.


Support people in your community: become a Digital Champion

The Online Centres Network provides digital skills support on the ground to people across the UK. Many of these centres recruit Digital Champion volunteers to help provide this support. Take a look at our map to find an Online Centre local to you, you can then contact them and find out how you can support them.


Support your local Online Centre

Do you have expertise in finance, governance, marketing, business, IT development, website design, social media, communications or fundraising? Many of our Online Centres that deliver vital work in their communities need volunteers with specialist skills. Your support could help sustain, develop and enhance their ability to support people locally for years to come.