Fix the Digital Divide

The UK is leading the world as a digital nation. Yet 9 million people who struggle to use the internet independently are being left out; it’s time to work together to #FixtheDigitalDivide.

We're calling for Investment of £130m over 4 years in a Great Digital Catch Up scheme (just 2% of superfast broadband infrastructure budget) that will allow 4.5 million more people to be happier, healthier and better off.

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Why is this important?

75% of adults agree that every community needs a place where people can visit to get help with Internet skills

65% of adults agree that keeping their digital skills up to date will be important for their future

9 million people struggle to use the internet independently

Our stories

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Mable has recently received a tablet donated by BT through the DevicesDotNow scheme.
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DevicesDotNow initiative helped Kathalingam to manage his health online.
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Ron Roper, 82, is staying in touch during self-isolation thanks to a free tablet and data plan from the DevicesDotNow scheme.