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The DevicesDotNow campaign is asking for money to help buy tablets and laptops, as well as connectivity in the form of sims, dongles and mobile hotspots. Funds that you contribute will also be used to support community partners across the UK, enabling them to help society’s most vulnerable people use digital technology during the pandemic that will also before them in the long term. We appreciate donations of any size. Your donations will allow more vulnerable adults to get connected and comfortable using technology, making sure we leave nobody behind.

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In this new socially distanced world, FutureDotNow and Good Things Foundation are coordinating action through a new initiative called DevicesDotNow, targeting digitally excluded households without access to the internet.

1.9 million households in the UK don’t have access to the internet, meaning many vulnerable people are now cut off from the outside world. It’s impossible to shield effectively without a device and connectivity. No internet means no access to government websites and other critical online services, no accurate health information, no online purchases, no online learning and no video chat with family and friends.

Frontline organisations are in desperate need of digital devices for the vulnerable people in their communities so they can help them stay connected with the outside world. Although DevicesDotNow has delivered 4,270 devices through 349 community partners to date, we have have also secured funding to support 5,921 further people, meaning we have achieved our first goal of supporting 10,000 people. But this issue isn't going away and we'll be working tirelessly to achieve our next goal of helping 50,000 people.

Receiving a tablet with a sim and the associated support that goes with it can make huge, life-changing differences for people and is an important part of our national response, ensuring they can shield effectively and alleviating strain on the NHS.

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The DevicesDotNow Interim Impact Report #3 looks at campaign activity between 24 March - 31 July. It outlines: our ambitions, our achievements to date, who we have reached, who we have yet to reach - and tells some of the stories from the people that have received devices. 

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Stories from the DevicesDotNow initiative

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Carers are improving their digital skills and ability to access online information & support thanks to DevicesDotNow.
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James O’Dell, 57 from Liverpool is finding his way in the online world thanks to some digital support from his daughter.
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Hilary, 59, from Wincle, Macclesfield has reunited her parents with help from the DevicesDotNow initiative.