Coronavirus (COVID-19) and digital inclusion

In the current situation it's more important than ever to ensure that everyone can benefit from digital. We've created resources to help guide people to get trusted health advice, learn about video calling and more.

With the spread of the Coronavirus around the UK and much of the world, we are facing challenging times ahead. Our priorities as a national charity are to support our network of community partners, and to help them, where possible, to continue to support vulnerable people access the internet and gain digital skills.

For those who are digitally and socially excluded, this is a worrying time as they cannot access critical online services like finding up-to-date and accurate information, accessing health advice and services, and buying essentials online. We are working hard with our national and local funding partners so we can support our community network to continue its vital work, and to ensure digitally excluded people are supported.

Response and Resilience fund

With 11.9 million people in the UK lacking the essential digital skills they need, and many of us relying on getting online more than ever before, the issues of digital exclusion have never been more relevant.

We’ve recently awarded £375,000 through the Response and Resilience Fund to 125 of our network community partners, many of whom are at risk of closure due to funding issues caused by the current coronavirus crisis. This funding will help them continue to support local people to engage with digital.

Our thoughts

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Social distancing measures mean that we are spending much of our time online. What does this mean for digital skills?
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It’s been both humbling and inspiring to see how the Online Centres Network has responded to this crisis.
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An urgent Crowdfunder to support vulnerable adults to use the internet and stay connected, healthy and safe during COVID-19 has been launched.

Stories from our network

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DevicesDotNow initiative helped Kathalingam to manage his health online.
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DevicesDotNow aims to get thousands of devices out to people who are further excluded from technology during the outbreak.
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Ron Roper, 82, is staying in touch during self-isolation thanks to a free tablet and data plan from the DevicesDotNow scheme.

Useful resources

Good Things Foundation has created a suite of resources to guide people through getting reliable health advice and how video calling their GP can help prevent the virus from spreading.

We’ve been working away on collating some useful resources and other valuable information to community organisations find the latest support and advice online.