Bridging the Digital Divide

Bridging the Digital Divide calls on Government and other organisations to help the UK become the most digitally included nation in the world.

Join the campaign and tell us what action you’ll take to ensure we get 100% of the UK thriving in a digital world by 2028.

Today, 11.3 million adults in the UK still lack the essential digital skills that are necessary for life and work. And in ten years almost 7 million adults in the UK – 12% of the adult population - will still be left behind as a result of digital exclusion.

With more and more services moving to digital platforms to save money, the digital literacy needed to use these services is not keeping pace. Those without digital skills are likely to be the most vulnerable and excluded.

Providing everyone in the UK with the essential digital skills they need by 2028 will lead to a benefit of £15 for every £1 invested, and a net present value of £21.9 billion.

Although Government and other organisations are prioritising digital inclusion, we know more can be done, and more quickly, with greater commitment and by working in partnership across sectors.

That’s why we’re calling on Government and other organisations to commit helping us get everyone in the UK online by 2028 - in order to realise these £21.9 billion of benefits.

By working together, we can make the UK the first 100% digitally included nation in world. 

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Blueprint for a 100% Digital Included Nation

As part of the #BridgingtheDigitalDivide campaign we've developed this Blueprint, setting out the actions needed to help everyone in the UK benefit from the digital world by 2028. Let us know your thoughts and/or pledge your support by emailing us at

The stats

£141m in potential NHS savings through a fully digital nation

£313m in potential employment benefits through a fully digital nation

£1.5bn in corporate benefits through greater digital skills in the workforce.



Action for Community Development (AfCD)
We will participate in the press release.

A1 Community Works Ltd
We want to take digital skills to remote rural areas so everyone can join in. We will create community digital champions to help empower as many people as possible to bridge the digital divide.

Smartlyte Ltd
We will support individuals to improve their lives.

Lincs Training
We will continue to deliver digital inclusion sessions to the rural communities of Lincolnshire.

Lincs Digital
We are working to bridge the digital divide across the hard to reach rural areas of East Lindsey in Lincolnshire.

IFB Gaming

We pledge

  1. Social media support for the campaign
  2. Detailed press release
  3. In-house blog post for campaign initiation and close
  4. Project Digital Brandon - "A Brandon where everyone benefits from digital"
  5. Reach out to local online centres in SE17


St. Antony's Centre
We will continue to run our digital sessions encouraging people to get online and learn new digital skills.

Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust
We pledge to raise awareness of and support people with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities to access new technologies and better represent them in the Digital World, providing a platform and voice for their creative and innovative ideas.

Anne Cooper
I will volunteer to help deliver Tech Mums in Leeds.

Barnet Learning Disability Service
We will continue to promote digital inclusion for adults with learning disabilities.

Citizens Advice Manchester
We are doing a series of MoneySmarts workshops across the city aimed at showing people the many financial benefits of being online.

Leeds City Council
Our 100% Digital Leeds programme will bring organisations together to build a digital inclusion movement across the city. Together, we will tackle the barriers to digital inclusion and ensure that everyone in the city has the digital skills they need.

We will provide sponsorship to assist digital inclusion within Westminster.

We are committed to deliver free digital skills training across the country to help 100,000 people in the UK find a job or grow their business by 2020.

Social Marketing 4G
We will continue to provide development support to small businesses and charities that want to develop their online and digital engagement activity via a range of approaches and programmes.

Mpower People CIC
We will share the campaign on social media and continue our work to support deprived and socially excluded people to increase their digital skills, specifically: People with Learning Difficulties, Mental Health issues, Health conditions or disabilities and Older people.

Barclays UK
We will continue to push all of the Digital Eagles, Lifeskills, @IDEA and Eagle Labs activities out into communities across the U.K.

Wecock Community Association
We will continue offering advice and free use of computers to the community.

Learning Foundation
We will focus on ensuring children and families of school-aged children have access.

Family Fund
We will continue to run our Digital Skills Programme.

Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates
We pledge support for the campaign.

Teignbridge District Council
We're doing everything we can to improve our digital offering for all the services we deliver, and at the same time we're working with our residents, businesses and other customers to help them become more digitally enabled.

Prosperity Hub CiC
We are supporting every citizen to take a step to online learning.

Raven Housing Trust
Our Digital transformation vision is to "Support our customers to connect to services they value and trust, so they can save time and money and take charge of their choices." We offer customers support from our digital inclusion team who provide "one to one" and group support. We also run three community hubs and provide a laptop/tablet loan scheme. We also give a priority focus to senior customers the most digitally excluded in our community.

Partner Resources

Find out how you can join in with the campaign if you're an existing partner 

Find out how you can join in with the campaign if you're a new partner 

Use this template letter to send to your local MP to ask them to sign our Early Day Motion 

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Tell us what action you’ll take to ensure we get 100% of the UK thriving in a digital world by 2028.

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