1.7 million people in the UK are currently unemployed and 16% of working age households have no adult in work. There are also around 600,000 people on temporary contracts who want permanent jobs, compared to 400,000 before the recession.

employment.jpgWe know that digital skills prepare people for work-readiness, improve their employment prospects and encourage unemployed people to look for work. Yet nearly 30% of unemployed people are currently lacking digital skills, meaning that those who stand to benefit the most are still missing out.

Additionally, people already in work who gain digital skills can increase their earnings by between 3% and 10%. If everyone in work gained these skills, it would lead to increased earning benefits of £358 million per year for individuals and £243 million per year for Government from higher income tax and national insurance receipts.

1.7 million (5.1%) people in the UK are currently unemployed.
600,000 people on temporary contracts who want permanent jobs.
28% of unemployed people are not digitally skilled.

At Good Things Foundation, we think digital skills and local community support can make a real difference in helping people into the right employment.  

Jobseekers are one of the largest groups seeking support at our Online Centres; the introduction of Universal Jobmatch and Universal Credit has galvanised a need for basic digital skills and 17% of referrals to our centres come from Jobcentre Plus.

83% of the network actively help jobseekers, while a further 86 Online Centres have joined the Specialist Into Work Network, showing their commitment to the digital and social inclusion of jobseekers. However, the help centres offer isn’t just confined to Universal Jobmatch. All of our centres support people with a wide-ranging package of support, which may include employment skills, financial management, and wellbeing, according to need.    

The Learn My Way online learning package has plenty of resources too - from the Universal Jobmatch guide to careers advice, CV writing and interview tips - all found in the Jobs and Skills package of free courses.

62% of unemployed Learn My Way learners progress onto employment-related activity.

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