Digital skills for small businesses and charities

There’s never been a more critical time for small businesses and charities to embrace digital transformation.

smes.jpgThere are currently 1.8 million organisations with no or low digital capability. Part of the problem is lack of motivation - a quarter of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and charities feel that digital is irrelevant to them, despite the most digitally mature SMEs being 33% more likely to report an increase in turnover in the past two years than less digitally mature SMEs.

A lack of investment in digital within the charity sector means that charities are falling even further behind, at a time when tight budgets and greater competition mean all organisations need to do more to survive.   

Digital skills can help small businesses save time and money, operate more efficiently and access wider geographical markets, while helping charities improve their digital capability can do the same, ultimately improving outcomes for the people they help.

of all SMEs and charities in the UK lack digital skills.

of charities in the UK lack digital skills

of SMEs in the UK lack digital skills

Good Things Foundation doesn’t just support individuals - we’re committed to helping small businesses and charities make the most of digital too.  

Several of our projects during the past years have focussed on upskilling SMEs and charities to enable digital transformation to take place.

We’ve trained small charities both inside and outside of our network, while some of our more experienced centres have become Digital Advice Hubs for local businesses.

After our programmes, organisations have reported being more profitable, more sustainable, having a wider reach and creating more working partnerships through the use of digital tools.

Our projects are helping over 10,000 small businesses to improve their digital skills.

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