68% of learners in our English My Way programme reported improved self-confidence in using English

What we care about

Community cohesion and ESOL

Our projects are helping over 10,000 small businesses improve their digital skills

What we care about

Digital skills for small businesses and charities

We’ve helped 1.9 million people get online since 2010

What we care about

Digital inclusion

62% of unemployed learners progress on to employment-related activity

What we care about


48% of our learners are more able to manage their money after learning with us

What we care about

Financial inclusion

We’ve trained 221,941 people to improve their digital health literacy since 2013

We care about

Health and wellbeing

52% of people feel less isolated after engaging with our network

What we care about

Loneliness and isolation

83% of people that we help are socially excluded

What we care about