Tom French

Data Design Manager

As part of Good Things Foundation's Research Team, Tom looks at how data can be used to support our work both within the organisation and across our network of community partners. Mainly he's the go-to research guy for our NHS Widening Digital Participation project with NHS England and the development of Learn My Way. Although he studied mathematics at University, he is a big advocate of being creative with data to ensure that it's as useful as possible to people 'on the ground'.

Outside of work, Tom can usually be found playing or listening to music of some description (he's not fussy). He plays both bass and guitar, but likes to dabble in some drums, keyboards and saxophone on occasion. He also makes sure he has plenty of time to consume as much cheese as possible, preferably of the smelly French variety. If the excessive cheese consumption guilt gets too much for him, he'll walk it off in the countryside.

Tom says...
"Digital technology has the power to bring people together and be part of communities - whatever form they may take - in a truly inclusive way. I have experienced the work of Good Things Foundation from the 'other side' while in previous roles. The support and resources it makes available to communities and organisations is invaluable when taking the first steps into the use of digital technology for personal or professional reasons."

Francesca says... "Technology gives individuals the power to change and control so much in their lives which I think its...