Marguerite Dennis

Network Specialist

Marguerite is responsible for supporting the Online Centres Network and letting them know about any and all news that may be of interest to them. She likes to chat to centres about what they do, and offers them help when they need it. As someone who enjoys talking to people, Marguerite says this is her ideal role.

Marguerite says... "My brother lives in Australia and I remember when he went I was still at school. Back then the only contact was by letter - it was awful for my mum - waiting for letters to arrive that used to take weeks to get here. My eldest son and his girlfriend (now my daughter-in-law) decided to go out there for a year to work and experience the lifestyle. What a different experience it was for us! It sounds really strange but Australia didn't seem all that far away and we could speak to him and see him whenever we wanted to - all down to Skype."


Lisa’s role is a very varied one, looking after the finances.