Lucy Price

Senior Service Designer

One of the things Lucy likes most about working in service design is helping people to understand the question or problem they are trying to answer - quite often that can be quite different from what they think it is! So it often means stepping back and looking at the broader picture before narrowing in and focusing on helping people to find workable solutions for their situation.

For projects, it's about understanding Good Things’ needs as an organisation, our clients', our Online Centres, our customers - everyone in the journey and helping to knit it all together!

“It's all about the people for me, putting peoples' experiences at the heart of what we do and helping them to find their own answers in a creative way.”

Lucy says... “Technology moves on so quickly it's very easy for people to get left behind and before we know it, people can become socially excluded simply because they don't have the skills, experience or access to technology. The work that Good Things does is important in supporting communities to plug that gap - access to technology can transform individuals' lives helping people feel included and connected which has to be a good thing for society at large. ”

Natasha looks after the regional support centres in the North West that enable people to complete their census surveys and...