James Richardson

Research Manager

James is currently heading up the Research and Innovation team while Alice Mathers is on maternity leave. He leads our small team of talented people who carry out research and evaluation, making sure that Good Things Foundation always knows what's going on in its network and how we can help, as well as forming partnerships with a broad range of research partners from universities, other charities and more.

James says... “Before I worked at Good Things Foundation I was a volunteer co-ordinator and outreach tutor for an Online Centre and I met so many people there who had benefited from the internet. I helped one gentleman - with thirty years bricklaying experience - to get online to find information on a suitable qualification so he could teach others the skills he'd learned from a lifetime in the trade. Digital technology gave him a way to pass on his knowledge and create new careers for young people.”

Jennifer basically tries to break any software the developers throw her way.