Hafsah FitzGibbon

Service Designer

Hafsah relishes the opportunity to chat to people about the real challenges they face, and works with them to develop solutions that make their lives easier. She supports others with user-centred design thinking, tools and techniques so they have the confidence to keep developing their projects with service users in mind.

Hafsah says... "Digital has the potential to dramatically reduce social inequality. It can increase health & wellbeing, support networks and access to employment, just to name a few. Sadly we know that services aren’t reaching the people that need it most, which is why the work of Good Things and the online network is so vital. Whilst digital isn’t the only solution, it can and should enhance people's lives, and the positive work of charities and public services that support them."

Ben's the one responsible for the 'user interface' design of Good Things Foundation's websites and...