Ewa Boroszko

Office Assistant

Ewa is the glue that holds our office together. She makes travel arrangements for staff, books external venues when we need them and any catering we need for external events. She also makes sure our City & Guilds certificates get to where they need to be, tops up our stationery, deals with incoming and outgoing post and deliveries, and is in charge of the all-important tea and coffee supplies.

Ewa spends her time outside of the office with her three cats, two children, two rabbits and her dog. She's helpful, honest and always ready to gain more knowledge about everything. Her childhood dream job was to become a painter or a teacher, and she doesn't believe in the impossible; she believes in Nelson Mandela's motto: "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Ewa says...
"Working at Good Things Foundation is important for me as I know we help others to get access to the technology world, which will make their life better and easier. I can't imagine present life without Google/Wikipedia, or Google Translate in my case - it's much better than carrying a dictionary with me all the time!"

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