Esther Oddy

Membership Manager

As Membership Manager Esther helps shape the way we do things so that they are the best fit for our members - her strength is looking closely at how to support people and organisations without taking a 'one size fits all' approach. She enjoys building relationships with people, finding out about their needs, and has solid skills in both digital communications (newsletters, e-campaigns etc) as well as face-to-face, personalised approaches.

Away from work Esther enjoys being outdoors, travelling and eating out. As a keen traveller, she is happiest when she has an exciting holiday to look forward to. She is also a big cat lover and owns a huge white Persian called Blofeld.

Esther says...
"I think it's really inspiring and positive that Good Things can genuinely help people to improve their lives through accessibility and learning, especially those disadvantaged for whatever reason."

Anna oversees all marketing and communications activity for Good Things Foundation.