Cerys Wood

Executive Assistant

Cerys supports Helen Milner in her day-to-day life as CEO of Good Things Foundation to make sure Helen has all she needs in place to take Good Things Foundation from strength to strength.

When she’s not keeping Helen on track, Cerys enjoys going to the cinema, eating with friends, listening to music, reading pretty much anything and scrolling through home renovation Instagram accounts. She can also be found at various folk festivals in the UK throughout the year thanks to her upbringing in the weird and wonderful world of traditional folk music and dance.

Cerys says... “I was privileged enough to grow up alongside technology so it's easy to take for granted the opportunities it has given me, from staying in touch with far flung friends to buying and banking online. The work Good Things Foundation does affords those same opportunities to people and communities around the world, ensuring that fewer and fewer people are left behind, both digitally and socially, as the world moves forward.“

Gabi looks after the Online Centres Network, with responsible for all delivery and supporting centres to do great work.